Public Policy Engagement and Contributions

Our Political Law Compliance Program ensures continued compliance with federal, state and local regulations on campaign finance, lobbying, and gifts and entertainment, and with guidelines for employee representation and participation in trade associations. Our Board’s Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee provides oversight for Noble Energy’s political activity.

We are committed to ensuring transparency with regard to our disclosures to the public. The following tables reflect political activity and contributions made by Noble Energy and the Noble Energy Political Action Committee in 2015.

Noble Energy Political Action Committee (Noble PAC)

Noble PAC made no contributions for the year ending 2015. Any contributions are disclosed in our filings with the Federal Election Commission, as required by law, and can be accessed via the Federal Election Commission website:

Corporate Political Contributions

Noble Energy made the following U.S. corporate political contributions in 2015.


Recipient1 Amount
Senate Majority Fund $4,000.00
Republican Governors Association $50,000.00
Democratic Governors Association $40,000.00

Includes political committees and organizations established under Section 501(c)(4) or Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Trade Association Participation

Noble Energy is involved in a number of industry groups that support our legislative and regulatory evaluation process. Set forth below are the amounts of these payments reported as being used for political purposes.


Recipient2 Amount
America’s Natural Gas Alliance $42,525.00
American Exploration & Production Council $24,000.00
Business Institute for Political Analysis $2,404.00
Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry $6,182.55
Colorado Concern $1,500.00
Colorado Oil & Gas Association $31,709.00
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce $425.00
Greater Houston Partnership $4,500.00
Greeley Chamber of Commerce $150.00
Marcellus Shale Coalition $74,750.00
National Association of Royalty Owners $7,500.00
National Ocean Industries Association $3,780.00
National Petroleum Council $1,466.43
Natural Gas Vehicles for America $585.00
Nevada Mining Association $162.00
Permian Basin Petroleum Association $700.00
Petroleum Association of Wyoming $40.00
Royalty Owners & Producers Educational Coalition $7,500.00
South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce $1005.00
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association $1,200.00
Texas Oil & Gas Association $5,025.76
U.S. Chamber of Commerce $91,000.00
West Virginia Chamber of Commerce $1,725.00
West Virginia Oil & Natural Gas Association $900.00
Western Energy Alliance $15,000.00

Reflects only the portion of membership dues and other payments to trade associations that were non-deductible under section 162 (e)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Lobbying Activities

In 2015, our federal lobbying expenses totaled approximately $2,130,000. This amount includes employee time and travel associated with lobbying activity, payments to external consultants and lobbyists, and trade association dues used for lobbying. The Company files quarterly reports with the U.S. Congress, as required by law, which describe issues lobbied and the amount spent on lobbying activity. Those reports are publicly available and can be found at

Our political activity report is updated semi-annually. For the most recent data or for archived reports, see the Governance page of our website.